'Live In Harmony' - The ultimate task completion tool that will help your household get tasks done!

TaskTeam automagically assigns customizable household tasks to you and your housemates, so you can continue on with your busy day. Through gamification and inherent competition, TaskTeam will motivate you and your housemates to race neck-and-neck to take out that overflowing trash basket that's been fermenting in the corner for the past five months.
Team members are assigned weekly tasks according to a rotational schedule and are expected to complete these tasks regularly. Completing a task (or set of tasks) rewards the team member with a certain number of points which can later be redeemed for rewards set by the team leader.
The team leader functions much the same way as the other team members. The main difference is that the team leader has administrative priviliges within his or her team including assigning weekly and one-off tasks, adding or removing team members, and determining rewards for reaching customizable point thresholds.
Repeating tasks are tasks selected by the team leader that will be randomly assigned to team members. These tasks will rotate their assigned member at the end of a specified date, typically weekly. Such tasks are typically "take out the trash" or "clean the dishes".
One-off tasks are tasks that are created by the team leader that only occur once. Unless the team leader wants it to, a one-off task is considered 'floating' and is NOT assigned. Any team member can grab this task and complete it for extra points.
An I.O.U is an opportunity for a member to give up their task because they cannot complete it for whatever reason. This ensures that the member does not receive full point penalty for not completing the task. Another member that takes up an I.O.U will receive bonus points.
Complete rotating tasks in a timely manner, and be sure to have a team member verify it. Grab one-off tasks as they become available, or extra rotating tasks that might not be assigned! Keep a sharp eye out for I.O.Us!
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We're not entirely done! We have a long term plan for TaskTeam. We're not even remotely close to finished just yet!